When your child outgrows his favorite toy, turn it into a lamp, or find an old toy at a garage sale or thrift shop to make a lamp. You can use a toy truck, boat or even a plastic barn.

We used a toddler’s toy to make our lamp — one in which a child would insert a big Ping-Pong ball in the top and watch it roll down to the bottom. You can use most any type of plastic, metal or wood toy to make your own lamp.

drill and 3/8″ drill bit
hole-saw drill bit
wire strippers

piece of wood for plug
thread pipe and a piece of copper pipe that will slide over it
lamp kit
light bulb and lampshade

To accommodate the wiring, drill two holes in the toy, one through the top (in our case, it is a smokestack) and one through the back. Feed the wire through the back and up through the top hole.

 If you have extra space to fill, like we do in our smokestack, make a wooden plug to sit inside the hole so it holds up the threaded pipe. Measure the diameter of the hole, then cut the wooden plug to size. Drill a hole in the center to hold the threaded pipe. Place the wooden plug with threaded pipe down over the wire and into the toy. Tap it into place.

Cover the threaded pipe with a copper pipe sleeve. Leave 1/2″ on top to accommodate the connector and harp.

Place the harp onto the pipe.

Wire the socket according to lamp kit package. Add an energy efficient low-wattage bulb and a lampshade.