Whether your child is gathering valentines from classmates or from you — his mom and dad — here’s a creative craft that will hold all of your treasured memories. Made from felt and decorated with rickrack, this inexpensive craft will become a family keepsake.


  • 12″ x 18″ stiff felt sheets x 2
  • Rickrack
  • Scissors
  • Glue or hot glue (I used both because my hot glue gun broke in the middle of this project)
  • Felt heart stickers (found at Hobby Lobby)
  • Button
  • Needle
  • Thin elastic string


Step 1: Cut one of your stiff felt sheets in half and cut it down the center. You will only need one of the halves.

Step 2: Fold the second stiff felt sheet in half.

Step 3: Cut a rounded flap for your envelope from one side of the felt sheet.

Step 4: Hot glue one of halves to the bottom part of the second sheet of felt. The rounded envelope flap should be hanging off the top.

Step 5: Sew a button to the back of the envelope. When you fold the flap down, the button should be ¼” or so below the bottom of the flap.

Step 6:  Sew a tie loop for the button using your elastic string. Sew it so it’s about 1 ½” from the bottom of the flap.

Step 7: Decorate the back of your envelope by gluing rickrack around its edges. Also stick some of your felt heart stickers on it.

Step 8: Decorate the front of your envelope like one that you receive in the mail. Create a stamp out of felt and felt heart stickers. Glue on rickrack for the addresses.

via thestir