Decorate the walls of your beautiful homes with minimum possible cost. The ideas will not only be less expensive but they are creative and you will enjoy making it. No doubt walls of a house contribute towards the decoration of the interior of the house more than any other structure. So decorating the walls is very important. Let us see these ideas one by one.

Easy Wall Decorations with Paper

The first DIY wall decor craft idea is to use the paper cuttings. All you need is paper of different colors and then cut it into different shapes and patterns.  Now in second step paste these paper cuttings on board and hang it on the wall. Just see the pictures below for result.

You can also use quilling of the paper or news paper to make wall decor. Below is a self explanatory step by step tutorial for this wall art project.

Wall Decorating Ideas from Leftovers or Recycling

We can also use recycled materials like felt, different pieces of leftover cloths and yarn balls to make wall décor. Use pieces of the felt and paste it with super glue on a frame. Always use bright color combinations as per color of your target wall. Another interesting wall décor using recycled material is by using yarn balls. Yarn balls are mostly available in all homes. Just stick all the yarn balls together on a pieces of paper than paste that paper on wood frame and your unique wall decor is ready in very low cost.

DIY Quotation Wall Art Decor

If you like to write and read well to show your interest you can write the same on the frame and hang it on the wall. The best and natural touch is that you write in your own writing but if it does not look good you can take print out and cut the words and then paste them on the board. You can also use wood pieces and write on these pieces.

Cheap Wall Decor using Wood

Wood is used to decorate the home not only in US but all around the world. So our last DIY cheap wall decor idea 2016 is by using wood pieces. Either you can use wood sticks in different lengths and then color them and hang them or you can cut the pieces of a wood log and use these pieces to make a master piece for your wall. For wood made wall decorations you will require equipment to cut or simply you can get it cut from a wood work shop.

via diyhomedecorguide