Finding the perfect Valentine’s day gift can turn up to be quite a tricky issue.The right message is difficult to transmit and no mass-produced item could come even close to a handmade DIY craft, personalized and filled with love. So why not give up this year the log never ending store search and turn your attention to your love done and imagine a gift you could make in the comfort of your home?  The simplest of things will be appreciated when made with love and devotion. Enjoy!

1. Cloche Bell Jars Filled With String Lights

Light up any room and set a romantic mood every night with this warm elegant considered present.

2. Small Succulent Garden

Succulents are as resilient as they are delicate and beuatiful, so gather different types in small delicate ceramic containers and form a beautiful miniaturize garden.

3. Lovely DIY Dream-catcher Pendant

Dream catchers are delicate entities we simply adore. Learn how to create a bigger one here.

4. Delicate Flower Embroidered Pillow Case

This might seem to be a little to feminine but it will definitely be appreciated.

5. Simple Yet Elegant DIY Wreath

Wreaths are so festive, creating one for Valentine;s day seem like a right choice.

6. Clay Heart Mobile Gift

A gift with a double destination, your better half and little one at the same time.

7. Delicate Transparent Fragile Leaf Lanterns

This craft might take a while to make, but the result is definitely impressive.

8. Cute Moss Terrarium

Terrariums bring nature in a delicate, surreal manner. Fill one with bright green moss and recreate a fresh little forest inside.

9. DIY Paper Cherry Blossom Branch

Welcome spring with a diy paper cherry blossom branch perfect for any vase.

10. Perfectly Scented Candle Gift

Candles will always be appreciated, especially one scented with cinnamon.

11. Spice Infused Oils

Enhance the culinary experience with a collection of spice infused oils.

12. Succulent Treasure Chest

Use an old tiny wooden chest to create a succulent garden.

13. The Tree Of Life Wire Craft

This tiny craft is very much appreciated but keep in mind that adding all those beads or stones might take a while.

14. Wooden Love Bookcase

Get crafty and put those carpentry skills to good use by making a love wooden bookcase for your living room.

15. Japanese Painted Ceramic Bowls

Painting has a relaxing side to it so why not use this technique to create a diy craft at home for your loved one.

16. Glass Jar Filled With Dried Rose Buds And Flowers

A lovely decoration made out of two simple elements that will delight the senses.

17. Coffee Filter Tea Bag Craft

Use coffee filters to create personalized scented tea bags for rainy nights.

18. The World Is Your Oyster Special Message Gift

Plan a wonderful journey together and offer this gift in a wonderful manner.

19. Spring Flower Kit DIY Craft

Invite the spring season in with a flower kit diy gift.

What ar your intentions for surprising your love done this year? Have you chosen a Valentine’s Day gift?