If you have planted climbing plants and flowers in your garden you may consider making them a trellis, because that way they will look more beautiful and will become the focal point in your garden. You can build DIY garden trellises for any garden from anything, from inexpensive lumber to recycled and re-purposed materials. Check out these 17 exceptional DIY trellis ideas for your garden and find one that’s right for the style, decoration and need in your garden.

1. Old Chair As Garden Trellis

What a great way to keep those dahlia’s from tipping over. Amazing idea to use the old chair as garden trellis.

2. PVC Pipe Garden Trellis

The PVC pipes have many purposes and one of them is to make a garden trellis that is by the way very inventive and unique idea.

3. Bike Wheels Trellis

The old bicycle wheels can also serve as garden trellis for your flowers.

4. Old Door Trellis

The old doors can be recycled and used in the garden as well.

5. Unique Trellis

Build a trellis that looks great, as a real outdoor architectural element. It will become even more beautiful when intertwined with climbing plants.

6. Coat Rack Trellis

Reuse the old coat rack to create a trellis by attaching it to large pots. Spray paint the coat rack in bright and beautiful color to make it look attractive and creative.

7. Trellis From Bike Rim

Attach the two rims by joining the center from metal rod. Later, with garden twine, draw lines in both the rims so that it forms a support structure. You can place desired plants at the base of the wire

8. Trellis For Sugar Snap Peas

These veggie climbers need support to stay upright and to allow for easy harvesting. You can build them a trellis that is sturdy, easy to assemble and is movable. You will need wood and wire.

9. Build a Wrought Iron Trellis with an Exquisite Design 

Another useful and inexpensive DIY project for the garden.

10. Bamboo Trellis

Making your own bamboo trellis will bring sophistication in your garden and will be a really great support for your climbing flowers.

11. Wagon Wheel Trellis

Let the roses in your garden climb over an old wagon wheel.

12. DIY Trellis From An Old Crib

The sides of an old crib have been up-cycled to create a lovely trellis for the garden.

13. How about this dress shaped metal trellis

14. Reuse garden tools

15. Re-purpose a large Vintage Chandelier

16. Recycle an old iron headboard

17. Re-purpose Old mattress springs

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