Everybody seems to be loving the ways in which the new objects around our houses that are only taking space and collecting dust are given new lives. Find out how to reuse your old sewing machines, and turn into a useful furniture piece that will cost you little money.  The final result will be super modern and contemporary. And you don’t have to do much work to make the machine look like new because it’s the worn look that makes it outstanding. Your sewing machine table will find its place in many different room in your home!

The kitchen can be a great place for putting your new sewing machine table. It can act as a working area or you here you can grab your quick breakfast early in the morning.

What do you think about turning your old sewing machine into a makeup vanity? You are going to love its stylish design and the way it fits into your existing interior!

Have you ever thought about placing your sewing machine table in the bathroom? If the decor of your bathroom is rustic, it would be the perfect fit!

Or turn it the into a bathroom washing basin. It’s such a cool idea that is not seen much into many interiors, so if you want to be distinctive and different from the rest of the crown, go ahead and copy the look!

This table could serve you for displaying your decorative items in your hallway. What do you think about the idea?

This type of table is perfect addition to the modern home office. If you are thinking about getting a new table for your work place, and you have a sewing machine in your basement, stop for a moment and think. Why spending your money on something that you could easily do when you can spend them on something else?

What do you think about the astonishing dining room tables in the photos below? Would this style of table fit into your home decor? Use the base of the machines, and get a large piece of wood for the top. You can easily accommodate 6 people on this table!

Would you like to have them outdoors?

via karmastream