A contemporary inspired living room is a desire of every homey person. Especially for the budget survivors, modernly furnished and decorated house is a dream that can hardly come true. Here we are going to introduce you some really stylish as well practical way to get an expert like interior designing for your living. This is DIY pallet entertainment center shelves that have been created around the wall mounted plasma TV of your living area. It looks so much mesmerizing and gorgeous in looks that even the famous branded shelves can fade away before its beauty.

Pallet shelves have been built in the steel racks forming an extra ordinary combination of sturdiness and durability. Your entertainment accessories, photo frames, some artifacts and other keepsakes can be abundantly displayed on these shelves as it has enough storage space. The brown staining of the shelves and black of the steel rack really creates a striking color combination to jazz up the look of your living room.

It is really busy to build just determine some space around the wall where you plasma is inserted and then build at right side this mesmerizing and contemporary style shelves for more added decor aspects.

If you observe closely you would come to know that the two items have been used to build the shelves one is steel racks and the other is pallet wood shelves built on the steel tacks.

You can change the dimensions of the shelves according to your needs so can be done with the stain hues which are heare brown and black and creates a very chic style look of the shelves for a modernly designed living room.

via 99pallets