If you’ve ever had to paint your house (or possibly someone else’s house), then you’re probably familiar with the little wooden sticks that are used to stir the cans of paint. Paint sticks are a great, inexpensive tool for painters everywhere, but in the hands of a creative DIY crafts enthusiast, they can become a whole lot more.

1. Staple together some paint sticks to create a unique and rustic flower basket. Stain the sticks with a nice wood stain for added sophistication.

2. Attach several paint sticks to a wall and screw in some hooks to create a great place to hang keys, jewelry and other knick-knacks that are cluttering up your house.

3. Arrange paint sticks in a circular pattern around a round mirror to create a sunburst-themed decorative piece. Tip: match the color of the sticks with the decor of the room.

4. Paint over paint sticks to create bright, cheery garden labels.

5. Staple or glue several paint sticks together to create a nice wooden sign that you can customize with your own artwork/greetings.

6. Use smaller lengths of paint sticks as gift tags. It’s one of those little extra touches that can really set your gifts apart.

7. Paint stir sticks can also be used to create large custom letters to accentuate interior or exterior design.

via  wimp