If there is one thing that is certain, a new baby in the house means going through a lot of diapers and doing so for 2 or perhaps even 3 years before the madness finally stops. During that time, we are not only using disposable diapers, we are using lots of baby wipes as well! Many people simply throw their baby wipe containers in the recycle bin but there are many different uses for these unique containers that you will find convenient and useful. Not only will you appreciate these useful items, they can be great for the rest of your household as well.

1. Store Your Card Games
There is nothing worse than playing a game and finding out that some of the pieces are missing. Here is a way to store your game pieces neatly.

2. Store Your Crayons 
One of the smaller items that often tends to disappear quickly are crayons. You can store them in a cute little container and have them available at a moments notice.

Use Mod Podge and a foam brush to coat the outside of a box and then cover it with black felt.

After the glue is dry use stickers or other adhesive decorations to create a unique and useful crayon box.

3. Pack a Lunch
You can teach your toddlers how to handle a lunchbox and have some fun by creating a cool lunchbox and packing it for a meal or a snack.

4. Organize Your Snacks
A baby wipe container may look small but it holds an incredible amount of snacks. Keep your snacks organized at home or on the road.

5. Store Yarn
Put a ball of yarn in a baby wipe container and feed the end through the opening. It’s great for crafters or for children who love fun projects

6. Create a Lego Box
Make this unique box for Lego fun and storage. Cut the large Lego to size and clue it to the inside of the lid.

7. First-Aid Box
Be ready for an emergency with this first aid box. You can either keep it simple or get creative with the outside.

8. Organize Your Drawers
Some carefully placed baby wipe containers inside of dresser drawers can keep smaller items separated and organized.

9. Battery Storage
Having a drawer full of loose batteries is both unsightly and dangerous. Keep them in one place with a used baby wipe container.

10. Grow Something
Rather than buying throw away seed starters, use a baby wipe container to start your seeds in something reusable.

11. Fun Kids Game
As you probably already know, kids love pulling baby wipes out of the container. Why not take advantage of this and create your own game? Simply fill the container with colorful pieces of cloth and they can tear them out to their heart’s delight.