In honor of Star Wars (May the Force be with you), here is a simple Star Wars craft project.  These Star Wars tin can lanterns are simple for bigger kids to make, and would be perfect for decorating at a Star Wars party. To light them up, use tea lights.  Or to make them safer for kids, use battery powered tea lights. We found that real tea lights with a flame provide a better amount of light, but the cans do get hot, so use your judgment on what’s best for your house.

How to make the lanterns:

Step 1:  Save and wash various sizes of tin cans.

Step 2:  In order to keep the cans from getting dented in when you make the design, it works well to fill them with wet sand and freeze for several hours.  We did not freeze our first cans long enough, and some of the sand spilled out.  Once they are totally frozen, the sand will stay put.

Step 3:  Plan your design. Drew each design on paper, and then attached it to the can with rubber bands.  We also tried tape, but it doesn’t stick well once the cold cans start accumulating condensation because of the frozen sand.

Step 4:  Use a hammer and nails to punch holes following the design.  You might want to have more than one size of nail for details.

Step 5:  Spray the cans with spray paint and let dry.  We used black chalkboard finish spray paint.


And the death star.

And R2D2.

via frugalfun4boys