A plaid throw blanket is the perfect decor piece for winter …and it’s easy to make your own for just a few dollars! Plus, it’s great to bring to bonfires and while tailgating to stay warm on a chilly day!

Time: 1 Hour      Difficulty: Easy

One thing’s for certain- thrift stores are FULL of discarded winter scarves. And when I went looking, I found all sorts of gorgeous wool plaid options- for just $1 each! A few had tiny moth-eaten holes, but that didn’t bother me one bit!

To create my throw blanket, I laid out my scarves on the floor. It didn’t matter to me that they weren’t all the same length- it just added character!

I pinned the first two scarves together, overlapping them by one inch.

With my sewing machine, I carefully stitched right along the edge of the top scarf. When I was done, I flipped it over, and again stitched along the edge of the now-on-top scarf, thus avoiding an “overlap flap”. So, each seam had two lines of stitches- does that make sense?

I did this over and over again with each consecutive scarf. And when the pins were removed and the thread tails snipped, I had a fantastic mixed-plaid throw blanket!

Isn’t that awesome?? So simple, and I really love the mixing of plaids!! Such a great reuse for tattered old scarves…

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