Are you tired of pins scattered across your desk or left in the package where they poke you every time you reach for one? Or do you need a sweet and simple gift for the seamstress in your life? This photo frame pin cushion can be used to store straight pins for sewing or push pins for your office. You could even use it to hang little notes to yourself on your desk!

This fun and oh so easy to create picture frame pin cushion can help find a place for all things poky. Grab a pretty unused frame you have around the house or head to the thrift store to find one.­ Don’t like the color? Spray paint it to match your chosen fabric. Choose a new fabric from the craft store or an eye catching vintage find.

Supplies Needed:

  • photo frame
  • fabric
  • cotton batting
  • hot glue gun/glue


  • Remove glass and backing from frame, you can either throw glass out (wrapped in newspaper and taped up to be safe) or use it for another project.
  • Cut fabric around back to leave 1⁄2” to 3⁄4” overlap all around.
  • Fold fabric over back on one end, overlapping just 1⁄8”, you will want your fabric to end up pretty slack so that you can stuff it full.
  • Move to opposite end and repeat, then down one side.
  • Stuff batting between backing and fabric to create a full, overstuffed pouch.
  • Glue down the final side and place back inside frame. Secure with the tabs in the back.

via hometalk