It’s January and we’ve got purging and organizing on our minds and I’m sure we are not the only ones. So today we want to share this fun little Mason Jar Organizer that will help keep your desk looking great!

5 Wide Mouth Mason Jars
E6000 Glue
Primer and Gold Spray Paint (optional)
Rubber Bands

First things first, get your jars glued together because there is a bit of drying time involved. Glue your three bottom jars together and your two top jars together. Use rubber bands to hold them in place while they dry. After at least 48 hours go ahead and glue the two jars to the top of your 3 jars.  Again let dry for about 48 hours.

Now you have the option of spray painting the lids of the top two jars. Or you could leave them alone or not use them at all. Whatever works best for you. If you decide to paint them give them a couple light coats of primer. Then a couple light coats of the gold spray paint. Make sure you let each coat completely dry in between.

There are so many different ways to use these jars. Obviously office supplies look great in them… but we also think art supplies work great! You could even use them in the bathroom for your cotton balls, q-tips and hair supplies.

Always handle your organizer gently. The glue does it’s job, but we can’t be sure how much handling they can hold up to.

via cutegirlshairstyles