Accent pieces are those that will bring unique atmosphere to your interior so, we are always looking to present you some interesting pieces that will stand out. The things that we can do on our own are the ones that stand out from the rest. Knitted poufs became so popular with its uniqueness and coziness that we decided to make an incredible collection of cozy DIY Knitted Poufs For a Unique Accent to Your Dream Home.

Knitted Poufs Ottomans 

There is no other better place to rest your legs rather than a knitted pouf ottoman. Make yourself a tea, turn on the TV and you are all set!

Colorful knitted poufs can bring liveliness to your home interior, so you can play with sizes and colors. Have fun doing it!

For more information on how to do it on your own check this video tutorial and enjoy this winter.

Coffee Table Knitted Poufs

Knitted poufs can serve also as coffee tables. You may cover them with glass or just put some tray on them. You will get a nice cozy atmosphere that you will love.

When you need an extra seat the knitted poufs can come as an adequate change for a stool. With the difference of being more soft and modern.

There are many places you may put your lovely knitted poufs. They will look perfectly if you put them in the middle of your living room, or on the side as seating stools.