Repurpose or Recycle Kitchen Stuff that you don’t want to use anymore for better home decoration! By be creative and do yourself, you ‘ll be able to give new life to all those old stuff that have sentimental value at lowest cost. Check out these brilliant ideas and ways we collect here to reuse all these valuable vintage kitchen stuff, and don’t stop here but get inspired to create your own.

1.Owl Decoration from Recycled Kitchenware

How adorable are these recycled owls? Great for outdoor decoration by hanging around or attaching to fences.

2. Colander Wall Lights From Pasta Strainers

3. Grater Jewelry Organizer/Display

This is a fun and great way to store jewellery on display, and not all tangled in a box. All you need is a descent looking cheese grater and bright colored paint.

4. Hanging Jars & Spoon Hangers/Planter Hook

5. Teacup Pendent Lights

6. Potted Teapots And Jugs

7. Colander Pendant Lamp

8. Recycled Grater Lamp Shade/Chandelier

Suspended lamp made out of recycled graters in metals lights diy with Light Lampshade grater.

9. Succulent Tea Cups/Tea Cup Planters

10. Teacup Bird Feeder

11.Mug Organizer

Turn your extra mugs into handy holders. Use them to house hand towels, flowers, or other small bathroom accessories.

12. Garbage Lamps

13. Dining ware Mirror

14. Vintage Spoon Hook Coat Rack

15. Ladle Candle Holder

These old ladles look very nice in a kitchen where they would add some rustic charm to the decor.

16. Coffee Pot Terrarium

17. Mug Lamp Shade

18. DIY Cascading Water Feature

19. Rolling Pin Hook Rack

20. Tablet/IPad Holder

21. Recycled Kitchen Planters

22. Vintage Funnels Yarn Organizer

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