There are versatile recycling projects that you can do, depending on the materials used, so we are always trying to bring the most versatile ideas to you for your inspiration. Today, we would like to show you several ideas of how you can reuse different musical instruments for decorating your home and they may be your inspiration of how to reuse your old guitar, drums, piano etc. Check them out and choose which one you will try to copy.

Turn An Old Piano Into A Shelf

A piano can be great home decor even when it is not in use and is just sitting in the living room. Or if it is an old one, you can use it as an interesting shelf for storing books and some decorations.

Use A Drum As A Coffee Table

There are many ways of how to reuse drums for decorating your home and one of them can be to turn it into a coffee table. Use wood or glass for the top.

Make A Magazine Wall Holder Out Of Vinyl Records

Vinyl records can be also used to decorate your home. Place them in the oven at 225 degrees and wait till they blend. Link them together and use them as magazine holders.

Drums Can Be Used For Shelves Too

Another way to reuse old drums for home decor is to turn them into shelves.

Even Guitars Can Be Used As Shelves

Cut an old guitar, insert a couple of dividers and you have a new shelf to decorate your lovely home.

Vinyl Side Table

Vinyl records can be used to make a small side table. This table can be really practical, because it can be easily moved from one place to another.

Drum Lamp Shade

And one more way to reuse the old drums is to turn them into lamp shades.

Unique Chandelier Out Of Musical Horns

Musical instruments can be also used as part of a chandelier and this one is just one example of it. This chandelier will draw the attention for sure.

Musical Inspired Lamp Design

As we have said above, drums can be used as a lamp shade, and here is an example of a lamp with a pipe made of flute.

An Old Piano Can Be Used As A Desk Too

One of the parts of the piano can be used as a shelf, and the one that is left can be turned into a functional desk.

Tuba to Decorative Wall Planter

Tuba fountain

Violin Lamp

A tuba sidetable

Old Piano Upcycled Into Aquarium

Trumpet Light

Bass guitar lamp

Piano stairs

Clarinet lamp

Mini bar

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