Can’t get enough of West End Salvage? Now you can relive it with 19 unbelievable upcycling projects from the show.

Before: Pretty Persian Rug

The West End Salvage crew picked up this exquisite Persian rug hoping to transform it into an alluring ottoman.

After: Flights of Fancy

Their endeavor was a sweet success, yielding this eclectic-modern chair.

Before: Window of Opportunity

Don and Hal picked out this porthole-shaped window with an exciting project in mind.

After: Coffee Table With Character

The pair transformed the salvaged window into a gorgeous glass coffee table with iron pedestal legs.

Before: Old-Timey Telephone Booth

This old telephone booth was still in great shape when it was salvaged. The piece had tons of repurposing potential.

After: Dial Up the Wine

The team converted the antique phone booth into some “spirited” storage with both crisscross and display sections for wine bottles.

Before: Luggage With a Legacy

While many of West End Architectural Salvages’ materials are purchased from secondhand sellers or “pickers” and have relatively unknown origins, this trunk was a family heirloom of one of their customers, the Lutter family.

After: Un-Truncated Trunk

Ron decided he could do something fantastic with the piece, reconstructing it into some super-cool shelving.

Before: Worn-Out Window

This rustic window and shutters was just waiting to be salvaged by the West End Salvage crew and turned into one of their “house ready” treasures.

After: Transformable Table

The window and shutter set became the perfect table for the Platts. Because the shutters fold down, the table provides plenty of seating while still fitting nicely in their oddly shaped kitchen nook.

Before: Surprising Scraps

When Ron bought the parts to an old hay rake from Steve, he was unsure what to do with the rusted relics.

After: Making Hay

However, with a little brainstorming, Don transformed the set into an striking steampunk chandelier with wine glass storage.

Before: A Pile of Planks

Joel came to the guys at West End Salvage looking to revamp his boring office.

After: A Distinguishing Desk

The crew completely transformed Joel’s sparse space into a one-of-a-kind office featuring a desk forged from a stack of sturdy wooden planks.

Before: Bicycle Blues

Don and Hal purchased a few vintage bicycles from pickers Shawn and Jennie.

After: Reinventing the Wheel

Adding a wood top and a vibrant paint color, they converted one old bike into an abstract rolling bar.

Before: No Spring Chicken

Don and Hal were excited to invigorate a few rustic chicken coops, which had heard many roosters’ crows, with some inventive design.

After: Fly the Coop

Employing their unconditional design techniques, the crew used the rustic chicken coops as functional storage for a versatile U-shaped desk with a birchwood top.

Before: Tools of the Trade

Don and Hal found a unique farming tool that they were anxious to upcycle – an antique corn reaper.

After: Reaping the Benefits

They transformed the old tool into a unique floor lamp. They even added shelves!

Before: Playing With Fire

The gang salvaged this rustic fire door hoping to turn it into something new.

After: A Table With Spark

Brian stripped the paint and repurposed the iron bolts to create an exotic coffee table.

Before: Gloves Off

Don bought this interesting glove mold off pickers Gary Smith and Sheri Locke, excited to start another upcycling project.

After: Getting the Green Light

He ended up creating a cool lamp that could give any room some extra pizazz.

Before: Ancient Ice Box

The gang decided to turn the tables on this old ice box they bought from a picker.

After: Totally Cool Turntables

With a new finish and some cool etchings, the icebox was re-tuned into a hip place to play and store vintage records.

Before: Janky Jukebox

Rex and Brian planned to revamp this old, broken jukebox and give it a technological upgrade.

After: Exhilarating Entertainment

Installing a rising flat-screen television, they transformed this antiquated jukebox into a jammin’ entertainment console.

Before: Basic Basin

Brian has big plans for this old metal tub that’s seen better days.

After: Vibrant Vessel

He modified the tub into the base of a rustic vanity with a trendy vessel sink.

Before: Forgotten Farm Tools

In a haul of old farming tools, the West End Salvage team picked up this antique corn husker.

After: A Suitable Sports Bar

They decided to incorporate the corn husker into a bar for the Moore family’s basement. It was an appropriate combination considering they are big Nebraska Corn Huskers fans.

Before: A Rusty, Old Cart

Before its exciting upcycle, this antique cart had no purpose – left to rust.

After: Delightful Drink Dolly

After the transformation, it became a convenient cocktail cart with wheels and a glass top perfect for outdoor use. It even houses a large bucket underneath for icing cold beverages.

Before: Out of Tune

This antique miniature piano is ready to be transformed into something functional.

After: On-Key Ornamentation

They re-shuffled and paired down the piano into a one-of-a-kind coffee table.

Before: First in Flight

The crew picked up some plane wings, thinking they would certainly augment any eclectically designed space.

After: Just “Plane” Awesome

They constructed a cool modern bookshelf to display all sorts of other ornate treasures.

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