You really don’t need to spend money on purchasing a compost bin, as it can be made easily at home. Many DIY compost bins can be done from typical household items, making them incredibly affordable! Here are 16 examples of compost bins you can build yourself. You will find here compost bins made from a wine barrel, garbage can, cinder blocks, wood pallets etc. So choose a design you like the most and get started composting right away!

1. 3-bin Compost System Using Wood, Metal and Wire

2. Simple, Cheap Storage Container Compost Bin

3. Cinder block compost bin

4. Lumber Compost Bin

5. Angled Compost Bin to Keep Critters Out

6. Vertically Stacked Milkcrate Composter

7. Upcycle An Old Shower Door Into A Compost Bin

8. Compost bin made from wood pallets

9. Wine Barrel Compost Bins

10. A Simple Compost Bin Using a Plastic Garbage Can

11. Get Composting Quick, Easy and Free with a Cardboard Compost Bin

12. Build a Compost Bin with Straw Bales

13. Wheeled Caster Compost Tumbler

14. Easy Construction Square Compost Bin

15. X Marks the Spot Compost Bin

16. Neatly Contained Compost Bin

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