No need to have a large and specific garden in a courtyard to have plants. The green can go anywhere in your home, just put some creativity and see some beautiful things that can be achieved just using your imagination. It is always welcomed to decorate your space and that is why here you have 15 simple but creative DIY ideas to grow plants and decorate your home and garden, and  give a new look to your space, whether your kitchen, living room, bathroom, garden, bedroom, patio or office.

Plant some succulents in spice containers and display them on the windowsill.

Or, use the empty glass wine bottles and make a beautiful centerpiece decoration for the table that includes succulents and candles.

Take a large planter and place in it some smaller ones with planted succulents. Than cover the planters with white pebbles so that you can see only the green succulents that will be a great decoration for the garden, or even for your home.

Use the eggshells to plant some succulents in them and create a nice egg succulent garden. Such a charming idea!

These little sea shell containers can be used as planters for some miniature green plants. They will look adorable hanging on a tree in the garden.

The old tea cups can also be used as planters and they will help you create a unique and creative miniature garden for indoors.

This vintage strainer planter will also be a great idea how to grow a small succulent garden that can be placed indoors or outdoors as a decoration.

Maybe it sounds a little odd, but using the old frame as a planter is also possible and you’ll get a unique and one of a kind succulent garden.

Use the old wooden ladder as a stand to display the plants in some corner in the house, or in the garden.

As already mentioned the old cups are always welcomed to serve as planters.

Use a pallet to mount some flower pots and create a beautiful vertical garden for your garden.

Here you have tin cans color flower pot ideas for another DIY garden decoration.

Grow a decorative cacti in a glass container and display it in your home. Use small stones as additional decoration.

Mount the mason jar planters with flowers on a wood board with clamps and make an interesting decoration for the hallway .

These cork planters are super sweet. They are easy to make and make awesome fridge magnets. Punch a hole in the cork with the head of a screwdriver, then carve out a hole with a knife. Your hole should go about halfway down the cork. With a hot glue gun, affix magnets onto your corks. Then fill your mini cork planters with soil and plant the succulents and place your new magnets onto the fridge and admire your new cork planters!

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