If you want personalized furniture which you can build on a budget, then Ikea is the perfect place to look for parts. A lot of pieces allow multiple configurations and designs to be created. For example, take a look at these Ikea Rast hack projects. They’re all focused around the same element and yet each design is different and unique.

Nailhead & Marble Ikea Rast Hack.

One idea would be, for example, to give your Rast a nailhead makeover. The idea is basically to start with a clean base and to then add some fresh coats of paint. The color can be white, if you want a clean, classical look, or something more vibrant and bright. After that you can also replace the drawer pulls with some that are a little more eye-catching. Then add the nailhead trim which is the key element for this design.

Black Ikea Rast Hack.

Another option would be to opt for an industrial makeover for your chest. Let’s see what materials you’ll need for this project: an IKEA Rast chest, label pulls and black paint. The paint can be in any color you like but the example we have chosen is with black paint. You’ll have to add two coats of glossy paint. You’ll also have to replace the knobs with stainless steel label pulls. This way they will also be more functional.

Fabric-Wrapped Ikea Rast.

Another interesting option could be to wrap your Rast chest in fabric and this will definitely give it a mor personalized look. Besides the fabric, you’ll also need acrylic, an iron, an ironing board, a paint brush and a razor. First starch and iron the fabric. Then apply a coat of acrylic to one side using a paint brush. Place the linen over the wood board and iron dry over it. Cut the corners at a 45 degree angle, fold and crease. Do the same thing for the rest of the wood boards.

Newspapers rast hack.

You could also use the decoupage technique to give your IKEA Rast an original makeover. The idea is basically to cover the chest in paper using pages from books, newspapers, etc. you’ll have to be careful and to make sure it’s all clean and without unaesthetic wrinkles.

Campaign Chest.

Here’s how you can make your IKEA Rast look like campaign furniture. You’ll need the following materials: a Rast chest, high gloss paint in sugar plum, campaign-style drawer pulls, 2’’ brass flat corners, a paint brush, a sanding sponge, wood filler and a drill. Fill the pre-drilled holes with wood filler and sand the chest down. Paint the chest and install the corner brackets and the drawer pulls.

Silver leaf Ikea Rast Dresser Hack.

If you prefer something a little more flashy and glamorous, maybe a silver leaf Rast cheat would be to your liking. To complete this makeover you’ll need silver leaf, paint and crystal knobs. First paint the chest with black paint and then apply silver leaf glue adhesive to the fronts of the drawers. Then lay silver leaf on these surfaces and seal the dresser and install the crystal knobs.

Another rast.

Here’s another quite elegant look for your IKEA Rast chest. It’s a project that requires you to have paint, stain, a leather belt, a hammer and a nail, a drill and scissors.After assembling the chest you’ll have to paint and stain it. Apply two coats of white and then two coats of dark stain. Then cut the leather belt into segments. Poke holes using a hammer and a nail. Then introduce screws through the belt and into the pre-drilled knob holes.

Rast Turned Sideboard.

If you would like to change the look but also the function of your Rast chest then it might be useful to turn it into a sideboard. All you’ll need is some paint, wood stain, filler, drawer handles and a drill. You’ll have to use two chests. Also, you’ll need a wood board that will go in between the two chests and will connect them. After that, add the shelves and replace the knobs with handles.

Side tables.

Here’s another interesting makeover. If you would like to copy the idea, here’s the process: start to assemble the chest but only put together the frame. Then take the drawer fronts and prime them. Once it’s dry, spray paint everything with normal paint. Apply two coats and wait for the paint to dry. While you’re waiting you can make the stencil. Print and cut out the stencil and then tape it onto the first drawer front. Start filling it with gold paint and do the same thing for the rest of the drawers.

Textile rast hack.

One of the first projects we’ve presented in this series was a chest wrapped in fabric. Well, here’s a similar project. For this one you can use leftover fabric if you have any or buy some new one. Before you use the fabric, apply a black lacquer finish to the chest. Then cut and adhere the fabric to the drawer fronts using spray adhesive. Mark the holes and install the knobs. It’s actually quite simple.

Ikea Rast hack and new tray.

If you want, you can use more than one chest and put them in your living room where you can use them as storage for all sorts of things. Moreover, they may even serve as a home bar. To give them a more interesting look that matches the room’s décor, all you have to do is add a fresh coat of paint. You may even combine several colors.

Dorothy draper nightstands.

Here’s another beautiful makeover for which you’ll have to use a stencil. For this project you’ll need glossy black spray paint, a stencil sheet, an exacto knife, a gold leaf paint pen, drawer pulls and a stencil. Spray paint the chest and print the stencil. Use the exacto knife to cut it out. Tape it on and start using your gold leaf pen.

Pink one.

This project will show you how to give your Rast chest a bold and colorful makeover. First apply two coats of primer with a foam roller. Allow it to dry and then apply three coats of paint to the frame and drawer fronts. Then tape off the edges of the drawer fronts and apply some antique gold finish. Add the hardware and accessories and you’re done.


If you would like to turn your Rast chest into a bedside table or nightstand here’s what you could do: first wipe down the furniture and apply two coats of primer. Then apply two or three coats of paint in the color of your choice. Let it dry and add the hardware.

Elegant style.

Here’s another quite stylish idea for a Rast chest makeover. You’ll need 4 meters of wood strip, white varnish, wood wax in cherry tree, three golden handles and wood putty. Assemble the chest and treat it with wood wax. Sand the drawers and cut the strips to the desired width. Nail and glue the lattice to the drawer fronts. After that, start to fill the edges with wood putty. Paint the drawers in white and add the handles.

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