This year’s Christmas decor is beginning right at the front door with the project I’m sharing today: A pair of wooden planters. This is a very simple planter box. It consists of two “U” shaped framing units and horizontal planks to tie the whole structure together.

The materials you’ll need for one:

  • 1 x 4—> 20 feet for  8-15″ planks and 8-14″ planks
  • 2 x 2 —>8 feet for two “U” frames  (4-16½” and 2-12″)
  • 2″ screws
  • 1 piece of board for bottom of planter 15″ x 12½”
  • drill
  • jig saw
  • 1 piece of ¼” thick lattice to use as a spacer in between planks
  • Kreg jig (optional), you can also use regular screws to attach the 2 x 2’s

Each of these planters started with two “U” frames made out of 2 x 2’s. Since I wanted little feet for my planters, the bottom of each U was brought up from each end 1¼”. I used the Kreg mechanism to put together the U frames.

Once the U’s are ready you can begin attaching the 15″- 1 x 4 planks, aligning the first plank to the bottom of the “U” frame. Making pre-drills before driving the screws. Use the spacer to separate the planks.

With the two U sides all filled up, it’s now time to place them face to face and begin attaching the front planks.

And then, the ones on the back. The final step is to notch out the corners of the board for the bottom of the planter, using the jig saw.

As soon as they were assembled, I gave them a coat of Thompson’s WaterSeal Wood Stain – Traditional brown. I love it. It’s so easy!

The special Christmas touch was done by adding a deer silhouette. You can find the reindeer free printable right HERE.

I cut the image out of Contact paper, set them on the planters and spray painted it. I had a bit of a hard time because the Contact paper didn’t adhere that well onto the wood. I had to press the edges of the design firmly and very quickly spray paint it.

I love the difference the stain and the deer design created on the plain wooden planters.

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