If you’ve always loved the rustic look, and you want to add a bit of comfy country to your Christmas decorating this year, this is definitely the list for you. You can easily DIY all of these looks, and create a holiday decor that is sure to give off a feeling of warmth, family, and love.

Front Porch Ornament Stand

Decorating the front porch is a must and this ornament stand makes it so easy. Not only does it give your porch a great rustic look, it’s a really easy project and perfect for displaying those leftover ornaments. You can use any number of things to create the stand, or build it from scratch. Heavy nails look really vintage and hold those outdoor ornaments beautifully.

Rustic Wreath

One of the simplest, and most beautiful ways you can add some rustic charm to your Christmas decorating is to simply add a rustic wreath to your front door. You can add burlap to an existing wreath, or head over to the craft store (or the woods) and pick up some evergreen to create your own gorgeous, rustic country wreath. You can also make the wreath from burlap and add a plaid bow to the top.

Stocking Holders

Who says you need to pay a fortune for stocking holders? These DIY photo hangers are great and so personalized. Instead of having names on your stockings, you can just hang them based on their picture. These are actually great for after the holidays, too if you want to leave them up. Or, you could decorate them in more of Christmas festive look; it’s entirely up to you.

Tree Topper

The easiest tree topper, and one that gives you that great rustic look you want, is a burlap bow. You can do so much with burlap! Go into any hobby or craft store and you’ll find burlap that is wired like traditional bow material. Then just tie up a bow and place it right there on top of your tree. You get an inexpensive and really elegant tree topper, and one that fits perfectly with your country Christmas theme.

Jingle Bells Ornament

We absolutely love these jingle bell ornaments! They’re easy to make, which rates them number one in my book, and they are so adorable, you’re going to want several of them gracing your tree. You could actually do these in various sizes if you want and use them to decorate the porch as well. Your local craft store should have everything you need to make them.

Burlap Stockings

You need stockings, right? If you do, and you want to add a bit of country charm to your decorating, these DIY burlap stockings are perfect. They’re really easy to make – require no sewing at all – and they’ll instantly add that rustic charm that you want. They’re so easy in fact, that you can have them lining the mantel in no time.

Wooden Nativity Ornament

If you had these adorable wooden nativity ornaments on your tree, you would instantly raise your rustic appeal. They’re made with wooden clothespins, rustic in their own right, and they’re really easy to put together. This is definitely a project you’ll want to let the kids help you with. You can make one or make a dozen, they’re easy so you’ll absolutely want to do several for the tree and maybe one for the wreath, too.

Rustic Reindeer Artwork

Dress up the outdoors, or indoors if you want, with these beautiful wooden reindeer paintings. If you’ve been looking for a project for those pallets that you have on hand, this one is perfect. Not only does it take very little time, it gives you a gorgeous piece of artwork to decorate the porch or yard, or you can even bring it indoors if you want.

Twig Star Ornaments

What better project than one that doesn’t cost you anything? These twig star ornaments are made from twigs that you can find in your yard. You just tie them together with festive ribbon, and you’ve got a great, and rustic by the way, ornament for the tree. The kids are going to love helping with these and you can decorate the entire tree with homemade ornaments.

Soda Crate Centerpiece

This lovely soda crate centerpiece is perfect for dressing up the dining room or living room table, or you could even display it on the mantel. Or, use it to decorate your porch or outdoor table. It’s fast and easy to make and gives off such a great country look. The old glass soda bottles really give it an old-world vintage look. Fill them with sprigs of evergreen, berries, or whatever you want to decorate them.

Pinecone Table Garland

Take those leftover evergreens and a few pine cones and create a stunning and rustic table with a pine cone garland. You can wind the garland around the glass stems or candles, whatever you have on the table, and then strategically place a few pine cones for that little extra rustic touch. This is a great look whether you’re setting the dining room table or you want something special for the mantel.

Logs and Candles

Ok, so maybe not logs, but bits of tree in some capacity. These staggered candle holders are absolutely the most rustic way to decorate the table, and they’re gorgeous when they’re all placed together. Just add the candles, which you could do with pint sized mason jars if you want to keep that rustic theme going. This is a great way to decorate the dinner table or anywhere you have room.


Using lanterns is a great way to bring a bit of rustic country chic into your decorating. You can find these old fashioned lanterns at most craft stores or your nearest home improvement store. Fill them with ornaments, candles, whatever you want to make them festive and use them for decorating the mantel, dinner table, or anywhere you want to add a little extra sparkle to your holiday decor.

Mason Jars

You know how much we love mason jars! You can use these to do so many things, and they are the perfect example of rustic decor. If you’re planning to decorate your outdoors in a country theme, try these mason jar candles. Epsom salts in the bottom make the jars look as if they’re filled with snow. Then just add your candles and use these to line your walkway or porch.

Pinecone Christmas Trees

These little trees pack a huge rustic punch. They’re easy to make and have such a great look. You can use them to decorate the tree, mantel, dinner table, or just strategically place them around the house. They’re simple, and that’s the epitome of rustic decorating; keeping everything simply elegant.

Tree Topper

A wooden marquis star turned tree topper is a great way to bring a little rustic to your holidays. This is a simple project, and one that is sure to be the hit of your holiday season. The star lights up and is absolutely stunning when you decorate your tree with other rustic elements like burlap and pearls. Just add the twine hanger, and your little wooden star is all set.

Front Door Swag

Create a beautiful swag for the front door with some evergreen twigs, burlap, and bells. The antique looking bells really give this swag an old fashioned country look, and the burlap bow just sets it off. Add some holly berries and pine cones to dress it up if you want, but we think it would look just as stunning with just the greenery, bow, and bells.

Rustic Advent Calendar

This gorgeous wooden advent calendar is just what you need to bring a bit of rustic charm to your home decor. It’s relatively easy to make, and mounts on the wall so you can hang it wherever you have room. Muslin bags hold the countdown days and you can hide candies or little gifts in them for the little ones. This is such a great project and one you’ll be proud to show off.

Pallet Christmas Tree

Ok, we love this for the front porch, but you could do it for inside the home as well. It’s a rustic wooden Christmas tree created from those old pallets – you know, the ones you’ve collected for all our pallet projects. Well, this is definitely a project you’ll want to do. This tree is simply gorgeous in all its country charm, and the perfect addition to any home decor this holiday season.

Reindeer String Art

If you’re looking for a project to keep the kids busy during those cold winter days, and you want rustic Christmas decorations to boot, this reindeer string art project is perfect. You know how much fun string art is, and this reindeer is nestled on a slab of old barn wood, making him the perfect country touch to your decor. You could also do other patterns if you want, and even create a slew of little mini string art pictures to hang around the house.

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