What could possibly be better than an old-fashioned, rustic Christmas? If you love that country look, and you want nothing more than to bring it home for the holidays, we’ve got a treat for you. We’ve collected unique and really easy ways that you can create a rustic look with your Christmas decor this season. Whether you just love the look of red and green, or you prefer all white, there is something in this list that is sure to fit the bill.

Let It Snow Sign

Put this wooden sign up on the porch or near the front door and you’re sure to think country rustic when you see it. This is so simple – you just paint on an old slab or pallet. You could even dress it up to look like an old sleigh and really have a bit of festive decor.

Rustic Window Pane 

Take that old window pane that you have on hand – if you don’t have one, you can find these really cheap at flea markets and yard sales – and turn it into the ultimate rustic decoration. By just painting it white – or giving the current paint a faded look – and then painting on the glass, you can create a beautiful decoration for the home or porch. Add some evergreen and a red ribbon and you’ve got a gorgeous decoration that is perfect for the mantel, coffee table, or anywhere you want to put it.

Rustic Wood Candle Holders

Take some small logs, drill holes in them and add tealight candles. You have the perfect addition to your Christmas decorating. Not only are these wood candle holders great for the dinner table, they’ll look just as stunning on the coffee table or the mantel. Group them all together to create a great look or use them individually. They’re easy to make and add such an elegant rustic touch.

Reindeer Sign

An old piece of wood stained a dark color and some white paint gives you the makings for this lovely reindeer sign. Kids are going to love having the names of all Santa’s reindeer as part of your holiday decor, and you’ll love how easy it is to make this rustic beauty. You could sand the wood down just a bit after staining to give it a more weathered look, which would really make it rustic.

Burlap Tree

Ok, so this isn’t an actual tree made of burlap, but adding burlap to your Christmas tree is the best way to include rustic decor. Instead of using garland, use burlap. You can find thin rolls of burlap at most craft stores, and it’s just as flexible as garland. Top it off with a few homemade ornaments and your tree will have a great country flair.

DIY Crocheted Ornaments

These crocheted snowflake ornaments are gorgeous, and really not that difficult even for beginners. If you decorate your tree with a few of these, you’re sure to have the rustic country look that you want. Just add burlap garland and you’re all set. There are a couple of different patterns for these, so just choose the best one for you and get to work. Your tree will look stunning with all these handmade snowflakes adorning it.

Twine Christmas Trees

Twine is such a rustic material so these little twine Christmas trees are sure to help you achieve that country look that you want. They’re really easy to make and you can do them in different sizes for decorating the mantel or wherever you want to put them. Pair them up with a few pine cones and some burlap and you’ve got the perfect country charm for your decor.

Jingle Pillows

Ok, you don’t necessarily have to do the jingle bells, but a burlap pillow is a great way to bring country charm into your decorating. Do a few of these, they’re really easy, and line them up on the couch. You could also do a couple for the bench on the front porch to make it more welcoming and give it a bit of rustic holiday cheer.

Pinecone Candle Holders

Here’s another great twist on a rustic candle holder. These are made from pine cones and they’re really easy to do. They’re also gorgeous and give just the right elegant touch to your table. You can line these up on the mantel or use them to create a great centerpiece for the dinner table. They’re also really inexpensive because you can just go outside and gather up the pine cones so you have half your materials already on hand.

Chalkboard Ornaments

These chalkboard ornaments are not only easy and inexpensive, they’re just too adorable. Kids will absolutely love them because they can change the message every day if they want. Plus, they give off that great old-fashioned chalkboard vibe which really goes well with your country themed decor. Just a little chalkboard paint and hangers and you’re all set. Then let the kids write messages, draw pictures, or whatever to make them extra special.

Wool Covered Joy

Head to the craft store and pick up a few letters, whatever you want to say really, and then cover them in white wool. This is such a simple idea yet one that is so beautiful when it’s finished. You just wrap your letters in wool yarn and then display them. Pair them up with a burlap garland and you’ve got the makings of a wonderful mantel display.

Fabric Ball Ornaments

These little fabric ball ornaments are the perfect addition to your rustic Christmas decor. Plus, they’re cheap and really easy to make. Choose fabric that fits your overall theme, add some vintage looking ribbon, and you’ve got the perfect ornaments to dress up your tree country style. The base is simply a cheap ball ornament that you can get at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store, and you just dress it up from there.

Christmas Card Holder

In about an hour, and for around $10, you can make this adorable Christmas card holder that really has that country look down. It’s just strips of wood and you attach your cards to it with tiny clothespins. How cute is that? The wood look is perfect for your rustic decor and you have to admit that it would be wonderful to have a creative way to display all those cards that come in the mail.

Ruffle Christmas Trees

Ruffles are so rustic! We love these little ruffled Christmas trees, and you will too once you see how easy they are to make. Different shades of burlap provide the fabric, and these really are the most adorable little trees. You could use other materials, too but the burlap really gives it that country look. Add some tiny little jingle bells and you’ve got the makings of a wonderful centerpiece or mantel decoration.

Ornament Display Box

If you have some old drawers sitting around, you can use them to create beautiful display boxes for delicate or heavy ornaments. If you don’t already have a drawer, you can build one yourself and they’re pretty easy to do. We love that these vintage looking ornaments get their very own little box for display, and this is a great way to hang those heavier ornaments that are likely too heavy for the tree branches.

Ornament Tree

Create a little mini Christmas tree to display on the table or mantel. This little ornament tree has rustic and country vintage written all over it – not literally, of course. It’s an easy project and one that you can completely customize.

Birch Initial Ornaments

Some birch wood and a little imagination give you all you need to create these gorgeous initial ornaments. These are great and something that the kids will love. Each member of the family gets his or her own ornament or you could go monogram style and just do your last name initials. The wood look is great for pulling off that country chic decor that you want, and these are so inexpensive!

Wood Chargers

Wood chargers are a great way to dress up your dining room table in a rustic way for Christmas dinner. These will cost you less than $15 for 8, so even if you’re planning a huge dinner with a ton of family and friends, you can easily afford a wood charger for everyone. Plus, they make the table look so great and you can customize or decorate them however you want.

Photo Tree Centerpiece

So here is another little mini tree, but this one is filled with photos of the family. What a great way to decorate and bring in some country charm at the same time! You just need the tree, which you can find outdoors, and then small ornaments and your chosen photos. Use pictures of past Christmases or whatever you want. This one is completely customizable and has such a wonderful country feel.

Snowflake Chargers

Dress up your dinner table with these great old-fashioned snowflake chargers under each plate. You just have to get the wood cut, unless you can cut it yourself, and then paint. These are so elegant and give off such a great country vibe. If you are looking for a way to bring rustic decor to your Christmas dinner table, these snowflake chargers are definitely the way to go.

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