Some of the best gifts for kids are simply made by you! Instead of running to the store to get the most popular game or toy, make a fun gift with these inexpensive and brilliant ideas!

On-The-Go Lego Tray

Keep Legos in one place with a portable Lego tray.

What you need to create
You will need a serving tray, three Lego building plates, Elmer’s Pro-bond glue, and a Lego play set.

Glue and piece together
This is incredibly easy to make and kids will love their personal Lego tray. Just glue the building plates onto the tray. If needed, you can trim the plates to fit.

Let it set
After the plates are glued in place, set something heavy on top, like a large book, to help it set. You can also add personalized vinyl letters and designs to the tray.

Ready to build!
The Lego tray is now ready and can help keep Legos in one place.

Paper Doll Gift Set

Using scrapbook paper, ribbons, popsicle sticks, and feathers, create a paper doll kit.

Assembling the kit
Use scrapbook paper or card stock to cut out shapes for the doll, including the hair, body, and dresses. Add feathers and sequins to dress it up!

Place in a wrapped cracker box
You can place the pieces to the gift set in a wrapped cracker box or shoebox. Add in glue sticks and popsicle sticks to complete your kit! See more about this set here.

Gone Fishing!

This fishing set is simple to assemble and will keep kids busy trying to catch fish.

Cut out the fish!
Create the fish with a printable pattern, or create your own pattern, then trace and cut out on colorful paper. Use a hole punch to add a border around each fish and string yarn through the holes to keep both sides together. You can stuff the inside with scrap paper or tissue paper.

Set up the fishing rod
Use a wooden dowel, yarn, and a paperclip for the fishing rod. Open the paperclip as a hook at the end of the rod.

Now it’s time to play!
Kids will love the challenge of trying to hook each fish and will stay entertained for hours!

Tea Party Time

Make adorable fabric tea bags for a sweet tea party!

Collection of scraps
Use a colorful collection of scrap fabric to sew together the tea bags. Simply stitch two sides and add a little filling to the tea bag. Then, stitch a piece of yarn and a fabric tag to finish it off.

Make time for tea
These colorful tea bags can be placed in a decorative box and given as a gift with teacups and other pieces for a lovely tea party!

Hot Wheels Parking Garage

Keep a collection of Hot Wheels organized with a parking garage!

Find a crate
Use a crate as the base for the garage. If there are any rough edges, be sure to sand those areas until smooth.

Add cardboard tubes
This parking garage used mailing tubes, since they are sturdy, but you can also use paper towel rolls. Add poster board to the back of the crate and then cut the tubes to fit inside, gluing in place.

Set it up!
You can also add a parking garage sign with a strip of wood, sticker letters, and paint. This garage is ready to go!

Jumbo Wood Dice

Create fun jumbo dice with wood blocks!

Getting started
Use two 4×4 lumber pieces, scrapbook paper, paint and a paint brush, scissors, ruler, and a 3/4 inch washer.

Drill the holes and paint
Using a 3/4 inch drill, add the holes for the dice about 1/8 inch deep. Then paint the blocks a color of your choice.

Add scrapbook paper
Once the blocks are dry, add colorful scrapbook paper to the holes by first tracing the paper with the 3/4 inch washer and cutting to fit into the holes.

Get creative!
You can also add vinyl letters to the blocks. Either way, these are fun for kids to roll!

Upcycled Play Kitchen

Kids will have fun pretending to cook with this play kitchen and parents will love that it is organization in disguise!

Storage bin with drawers
You can find stackable storage bins with drawers in most home stores. Stack three of these bins and use some vinyl pieces to turn it into a play kitchen.

Add utensils
Use sticky hooks to hang kitchen utensils and hot pads.

Cooking time!
This turns into the perfect play kitchen and kids learn to organize by storing toys inside.

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