Make sure to put teacher on your list this Christmas. Don’t worry if you haven’t a lot of extra money – show off your creativity by making them a lovely gift! From apple earrings to handprint plates – there’s a myriad to choose from.

Crayon Container 

Personalized Clipboard 

Recess Revival Kit 

$5 Gift Idea 

Caramel Chew Apple Pops 

Gift Baskets

Paper Charm Earrings

Personalized Crate

Big Heart Wall Art

Decorated Mason Jar 

Faux Book Clock 

Mani Thanks 

Embellished Crayon Box 

Pencil Treat 

Snow Man Glass Ornament 

Tote-lly Terrific 

Stamped Candles 

Caramel Apple 

Lavender Apple Sachet 

Handprint Plate 

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