Love Jack Daniels? So do we…and if you love it as much as we do, then you might find yourself looking for some cool, whiskey bottle inspired DIYs you can make using your favorite liquor. From home decor like lamps, to outdoor ideas like patio tables and bird feeders, our Jack Daniels crafts ideas will show your cool ways to use those empty bottles. Check out this best crafts using our favorite old Tennessee whisky.

1. Jack Daniels Salt and Pepper Shakers

2. Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

3. Tiki Torch from a Bottle of Jack Daniels

4. Homemade Jack Daniels Hookah

5. Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

6. Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce or Ketchup Containers

7. Jack Daniels String Lights

8. Brilliant Wagon Chandelier Made from Jack Daniel’s Bottle or Mason Jars

9. Jack Daniels Lamp

10. Candle Holders

11. Jack Daniels Bottle Cap Earrings

12. Jack Daniels Inspired Stenciled Corn Hole Boards

13. Multi Use Upcycled Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp Idea

14. Reed Diffuser

15. Miniature Bottle Jack Daniels Charm

16. Jack Daniels Bottle Art Idea

17. Upcycled Jack Daniels Liquor Bottle Table Idea

18. Jack Daniels Single Barrel Nuts or Candy Dish Cut Bottle Idea

19. Humming Bird Feeder

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