Everyone can appreciate an over-the-top light show or stocking-stuffed mantel, but the spirit of simplicity is definitely in season. Try it on for size by taking inspiration from these DIY ornament ideas.

1. Gold Leaf DIY Ornaments:
It’s obvious that a hint of glitter and a little love can go a long way.

2. Gold Glitter Ornaments
Just because you’re going minimal doesn’t mean you can’t embrace glitter and beloved holiday sayings.

3. Eye Ornament 
Don’t the eyes always have it? This DIY definitely thinks so

4. Wooden Tassel Ornaments 
For a more natural, subdued vibe, try fashioning these neutral wooden ornaments. We’re loving that the tassels add just the right amount of holiday flair.

5. Glistening Silver Glitter
More of a silver than a gold person? This DIY is for you. Though glitter can be chaotic (it is, after all, the chicken pox of craft supplies), it keeps its minimal feel by acting as a single-hued ornament.

6. Zodiac Rhinestone Ornaments
Whether you’re an astrologer, horoscope aficionado or laid-back stargazer, this DIY is a simple way to bring the outside in.

7. DIY Painted Ornaments
Minimal doesn’t necessarily mean neutral. Try making this tricolored ornament for a bold pop of color that doesn’t feel overpowering.

8. Easy Stitched Leather Ornaments
Not only do these ornaments look great riding solo on a tree, but they also make excellent gifts for long-distance SOs, friends or family members.

9. Metallic Wooden Ball Ornament
This little ornament rocks the monochromatic look with ease.

10. DIY Moon Phase Clay Ornaments
We found them on scarves and calendars this past year, and now they’re on our tree. For a really modern look, try pairing these white ornaments with a white tree.

11. Pipe Cleaner Himmeli Ornament DIY
Sometimes the simplest idea has the biggest impact. At least that’s what these little DIY diamonds prove. All you need is some leftover craft supplies and a few hours and you’ll have your tree lookin’ like a million bucks.

12. Geometric Clay Ornaments
These eye-catching, 3D clay ornaments stand out all on their own.

13. Repurposed Ornaments With Ribbon Tape
Instead of tossing old ornaments, grab some ribbon tape and update those little buggers. You’d be surprised how such a simple idea can completely transform your decor.

14. Nordic Ornaments
Though these ornaments are super simple to create, when you put them together, they not only make a statement, but they also tell a story.

15. Geometric Clay Christmas Decorations
Bling out your Christmas tree with a few dazzling gems.

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