We absolutely love everything about Thanksgiving: the food, the friends, the family, the love! We saw a large plaque with this sentiment of gratitude and just had to make it. Hope you enjoy this Thanksgiving DIY wall hanging tutorial and have a great holiday!

MDF Bread Board Wood Plaque
White & Brown Paint
Foam Paint Brush
Extra Fine Sandpaper
Assorted Leaf Craft Dies
Tracing Paper
“Full Of Thanks And Giving” Free Printable

Step 1. To begin your Thanksgiving DIY wall hanging, use a dry sponge brush to lightly apply the brown paint to bread board. Unlike most projects, you’re going to want as many streaks as possible so make sure you paint lightly. Amazing how quickly it begins to look like wood!

Step 2. Once paint has dried completely, trace the “Full Of Thanks And Giving” Free Printable onto the board with the graphite tracing paper.

Step 3. Using a fine paint brush, begin to paint in the traced words. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, we’re going for a weathered, handmade look for your board.

Step 4. We intentionally left the top section blank for you to customize how you see fit. We went with a rustic leaf design. Another idea would be to glue some small pumpkins or acorns in this blank space. Or what about a beautiful bow? Or a personalized monogram? There are so many fun ways for you to customize your Thanksgiving DIY wall hanging!

Step 5. Once you’ve decided on your design and have allowed everything to dry, lightly sand the entire piece with extra fine sandpaper to give it a nice weathered look.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season full of thanks and giving!

via darice