What about a project for those of you who are feeling the winter blues and wishing that summer wasn’t over?! Don’t worry — we haven’t forgotten about you. These pineapple tree ornaments made out of pine cones (so fun!) are perfect to bring a little bit of that tropical weather to your holiday decor. Now all you need is a beach chair and an ice cold drink!

– pinecones
– yellow paint
– string
– green paper

– Cricut Explore (or other vinyl-cutting machine) OR scissors
– paintbrush
– hot glue gun


1. Start out by painting the pine cone yellow using a small paintbrush.

2. Once it has dried, use a paper-cutting machine (such as a Cricut Explore) or scissors to cut pineapple leaves out of your green paper.

3. Hot glue the leaves to the top of the pine cone and curl the ends.

4. Wrap a piece of string around the pine cone and knot and tie a loop to hang.

You’ll need to put a few coats of paint on the pine cone to cover all of the brown areas.

When cutting out the leaves, make them all different sizes and lengths. Start with the larger leaves on the outside and gradually add smaller leaves until you get to the middle.

You could also use fishing line to form a loop around the pine cone so the string isn’t visible when you hang them on the tree!

Your tree is about to get a whole lot more tropical this holiday season.

via brit