Out with the old, and in with the new! Who says you have to stick with the traditional Thanksgiving Centerpiece you grew up staring at? Check out these 7 DIY Ideas for a Modern Thanksgiving Table Setting to better fit your personality and make this Thanksgiving yours.

1. Rustic Tablescape

Use salvaged woods scraps and mason jars with candles to create gorgeous rustic table settings. For an added bonus, try adding hints of lace here and there.

2. Cork and Feather Place Cards

Simply use old wine corks and feathers to create trendy and entertaining name cards for your guests.

3. Easy Autumn Centerpiece

For a centerpiece that’s fresh and easy, try arranging fresh produce on a tray for an eye-catching statement piece.

4. Neon Pine Cone Place Cards

Try giving the traditional pine cone look a fresh modern spin by painting the tips with neon paints. Use these cute modern pieces for name cards!

5. Terrarium Centerpiece

Hollow out a fresh pumpkin from your farmer’s market and fill it with natural elements to create an earthy modern centerpiece.

6. Pumpkin Centerpiece

If you don’t like the idea of filling a pumpkin with dirt. Trying hollowing out your pumpkin and filling it with a beautiful floral arrangement. To get even more praise for this trendy décor, try creating smaller versions to place on each guest’s place setting.

7. Gold Pumpkin Place Cards

To satisfy the diva inside of you try painting mini pumpkins a shining gold or cover them with mod podge and dip them in glitter for a more glamourous setting.

8. Don’t forget to add some dessert to the table!

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