How adorable is this? This mummy door decoration will delight your trick or treat visitors.  It will also make a great prop for your next Halloween Party or the front door of your house. The project is fairly easy to do but takes a bit of time to finish.  The longest part of the project are the criss cross mummy wrap sections, but we will show you a few tips to make this easier.

To make the mummy door decoration, you will need the following supplies: 
3 sheets of black poster board
1 sheet of yellow poster board
4 rolls of white crepe paper streamers
1 roll of Scotch invisible tape
Blue Tack

Start by covering the whole door with the black poster board (be sure to save one strip of it for the eyes.)  Start by using the tape, but change over to the Blue Tack. This holds the weight of the poster board up better and will work best if you plan to leave it up for quite some time.

Using a lunch sized plate for the yellow eyeballs and a glass for the black pupils, trace the eyes and cut them out.

Arrange the eyeballs and attach them to the black door covering with Blue tack about 1/3 down from the top of the door.  Start to criss cross the white steamers around the eyes.  Arrange the white streamers so that the eyes show fairly well.

Continue covering the door with the streamers.  Use the Scotch tape to fasten them to the door.  This works better with the door open.  It allows you to wrap the streamers around the inside and outside of the door with ease. (If you do it with the door closed, the inside door jamb gets in the way.)

What a fun project! Your Halloween guest will find it so much fun and it was so budget friendly. Tada!  Here is the mummy in all his spooky glory!

via alwaystheholidays