Whether you’re a master crafter looking to make your kids the ultimate DIY Halloween costume or just hoping to stick to a budget, look no further than your own home! Between your old accessories and the clothing you’ve been meaning to weed through, your closet can be a gold mine filled with Halloween costume potential. From an adorable owl to a handmade mermaid, check out our favorite ways to upcycle your old belongings into the perfect Halloween ensemble for your tots.

1) Tiny Tot Octopus

Have more tights, stockings, and socks than you know what to do with? Easily DIY an octopus outfit for your tot by simply cutting them to his or her height. Pro tip: take advantage of lost mates and pairs with holes — mismatched legs are OK when you’re an octopus!

2) Little Laundry Basket

For a surprisingly adorable, easy, and fast costume, all you need to do is pop into your closet. Grab your laundry basket and an array of (preferably clean) clothes, and your little one is good to go!

3) Vintage Owl Cape

Do you have a few old shirts, skirts, or dresses that you’re never going to wear again? Cut them up to make an adorable owl cape. The bolder the prints, the better!

4) Bag of Groceries

Recycle a paper bag and some of your kid’s favorite food packages for an equally adorable and eco-friendly costume idea.

5) Mini Cruella De Vil

For this creative costume, you’ll need some old makeup, costume jewelry, a fabulous scarf, and a sassy toddler with enough attitude to take on Cruella de Vil.

6) Baby Buddha

Ah, the simplicity of Buddha. All your little one will need is a beaded necklace, a yellow sash, and wisdom beyond his or her years.

7) Baby Mummy Wrap

If you’re out of gauze or can’t find your extra Ace bandage, don’t worry! Make good use of your torn pantyhose by wrapping up your child. Just cut up a couple pairs and you’ll have a mini mummy in no time.

8) Baby Old Lady

Were you wondering what to do with that cardigan you accidentally shrank? Just roll up the sleeves and it will instantly transform your toddler into your great grandmother.

9) Baby Popcorn Carrier Cover

While some moms create this striped carrier cover with felt, a patterned shirt or dress will work just as well. Complete the look by gluing some fresh popcorn onto your tot’s hat, but be warned — you might be tempted to take a bite out of their bonnet.

10) Head in a Jar

Put that oversize raincoat to use and win the award for most creative mom all at the same time! Build a base with hangers or cardboard and then stick your tween’s head between the buttons. Extra points for incorporating a jar.

11) Umbrella Bat Wings

Do you have a broken umbrella you’ve been meaning to toss? Instead, simply cut it in half, add two hair ties, and you’re done!

12) Vintage Little Mermaid

All your tot needs is her own skin-toned tank and then you can create the mermaid tail and bikini top by cutting up green and blue clothing.

13) Baby Beetlejuice

If you have an old black suit jacket, easily create the light stripes with duct tape. For a white jacket, grab some dark masking tape and then you’ll be all set!

14) Littlest Lantern

Now that Summer’s over, give new life to the lanterns hanging out back by transforming them into a creative Halloween costume.

15) Lampshade Cupcake

For this adorable idea, all you need are a lampshade, towel, and pom poms. Turn the lampshade upside down for the perfect cupcake wrapper/skirt, and then scrunch a towel or sheet to create a fluffy layer of frosting.

16) Headless Scientist

Whether you have an old lab coat, white coat, or old button-down shirt you can tailor, this headless scientist is guaranteed to be a hit with the tweens.

17) Upcycled Owl Dress

This owl dress is the perfect solution for what to do with all of your old suits. Cut them into “feathers” and attach them to your little one’s dress to create an adorable owl ensemble.

18) Lab Rat

Roll the sleeves of an old lab coat or white blouse and add some mouse ears to a headband. Complete the look by drawing on a mouse nose and whiskers with eyeliner to create the cutest mouse you’ve ever seen.

19) Weather Man

Your kid will love the opportunity to get dressed up only to get all wrinkled, and you’ll love the chance to put that broken umbrella to use.

20) Pot of Pasta

Whether you decide to boil your baby as pasta or as a lobster, they’re guaranteed to be the cutest thing that’s ever come out of your kitchen pot.

21) Queen of Hearts

Grab a tutu from the dress-up bin and a deck of cards to turn your little one into the Queen of Hearts. Bonus points for using the cards to create an adorable headpiece.

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