With imagination and few tools, you can transform old door into a one-of-a-kind piece that’s both useful and beautiful. If you have old door which you are not using, then there are a lot of opportunities open for creative DIY projects. We have gathered 17 projects for repurposing old doors in your interior or outdoor design. Look through them and learn how to, repurpose, reuse and upcycle old doors ranging from making a bed to how to build a bookshelf using an old door.

Sofa Made From Old Doors

Vintage Door Message Board

How To Make A Hall Tree

DIY Door Shelf

Old Door Privacy Screen

Hanging Outdoor Table

Picnic Table

Entry Bench

Giant Photo Frame

Vintage Door

Door Planter Rack

Beverage Bar Station

Dinning Table

TV Console

Vintage Door Arbor


Old Door Coffee Table

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