We all have them…they seem to grow…you can’t seem to throw them away…you tell yourself that you will use them some day…well…the day has come!!! There is something for everyone here!  Amazing projects that you can use your favorite fabric scraps for!  So sit back…have a cup of something yummy and check out them. Who knows you just might clean up some of those scraps and give them a totally new and creative lease on life .

These adorable Quilited Circle Coasters are the perfect way to use up all those little scraps…you will have a ball putting together different combinations!  These are great for gifts and the holidays are just around the corner!  Enjoy!

This is a GREAT way to use all those little scraps of fabric…you sure don’t need much for these adorable Napkin Rings!  Drop by and get the DIY for these cuties!

Turn fabric scraps into a backpack and it is adorable!!!  No matter what your age is…this is a cutie for everyone.  A must try!

If this little scrap fabric DIY was any cuter we don’t think we could stand it! We have a feeling that everyone will want one if they sew or not!!!

Well if you happen to have a kitty or know someone that does…why not make these adorable little scrap fabric catnip snakes…this is one snake you don’t have to fear…they are just too cute!  A perfect way to use those cool little scraps!

This is a brilliant way to use your fabric scraps to cover some plain switchplate covers…Genius!

When in doubt what to make with your fabric scraps…MAKE YO YO’s!!!!

These are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute and the kids are going to love these quick and easy Band-Aids!  This is a great way to use those tiny little scraps…LOVE this one!!!

via thecottagemarket