Today’s project is a great way to add some practical storage space to your room. A solid piece of plywood makes for a strong, sturdy back for this minimal floor mirror while giving you a little space for accessories, perfume, and a few of your favorite trinkets.

Materials Needed:
-26″x52″x1″ piece of maple plywood
-1″ maple plywood
-tape measure
-mirror clips


-Measure and mark three 4″x8″ pieces of plywood. Use jigsaw to cut out each piece.

-Lay the plywood down with the back facing up and measure 7.5″ down from the top of the board and 4″ in from the left side of the board. Make a mark. Now measure 7.5″ down from the top of the board and 8″ in from the left side of the board and make another mark. Repeat two more times going down the board, leaving 7.5″ height between the boards each time. Pre-drill at these six marks.

 -Measure 2″ in from each side along the back side of each of the shelves. And make a mark – make sure it is centered. Drill a pilot hole at each of these marks.

-Line up the holes and drill in place.

-Lay down the plywood so the shelves are facing up. Lay the mirror along the left side leaving 2″ from the side, top, and bottom. Secure using mirror clips.

via fox