Tattoos are becoming increasingly common and can be found on people’s bodies all across the world. It was only a few decades ago that the body art used to be frowned upon and was somewhat taboo. However, it has now been accepted by the mainstream and embraced by many in society. Tattoos are here to stay and if you have one, two, ten, or 100, you may find this helpful. It goes over an easy and effective way in which you can cover up a tattoo at home using inexpensive and widely available makeup items.

The tutorial is for those times and events which call for tattoos to be covered up. Not every workplace, office, or even family is open and accepting of tattoos and thus a lot of people need to conceal their body art. Of course, some people may want to cover it for other reasons, and this method is how it can be done.
First, prepare the area you want to cover up by shaving it, if you can, and then smooth on some moisturizer or a similar type of face primer. Take a foundation brush and apply a dab of liquid foundation to the area. Next, determine whether your skin tone is more orange or pink, and then apply that color lipstick or matte eye-shadow over the tattoo. We recommend eye shadow because it works better since it does not smear like lipstick tends to. You should dab the pink or orange makeup onto your skin, don’t wipe it on, and this step takes a lot of makeup.
Once it’s covered take a can of hairspray and spray over the entire area, allow it to dry, and then apply a second layer of makeup directly over it. Coat with hairspray again and wait for it to fully dry. At that point you can take concealer that matches your skin tone and dab it on with a sponge applicator over the eye-shadow or lipstick area, then spray it with another coat of hairspray.
When that coating has dried completely you can begin to dab on more concealer and this time you may apply it directly onto your skin. Work in such a way that blends the concealer outwards and around the tattoo, so that the edges of the makeup you applied don’t stick out so obviously. After, take a matching skin tone powdered makeup and dab it over the entire area, blending well as you go. Finish up by further blending any areas that need it. If you want you can use another coat of hairspray to ensure the makeup stays in place. This is recommended for areas that might get disturbed or rubbed a lot, such as near hems, cuffs, or necklines.
That is the entire lesson taught in the video and if you’re interested in learning more details be sure to check it out. It may seem like a lot of work, but when it’s all said and done you can rest assured knowing that your body art is securely concealed!