It’s that time of year when the school supplies start showing up in the store, and the reality sets in that summer is over. Now’s the time to create some fun back-to-school projects! Handmade bookmarks are so easy to make, and it’s super fun to mix all of the paper designs together to create something just your style.

Here’s how you can make a bunch of these in no time! Share them with the little ones you love, or add them to books you’re giving as gifts. They’re a nice little handmade touch of goodness.

Beautiful Paper from Jen Hadfield Home + Made Collection
Glue Stick
Paper Cutter
Corner Punch
Hole Punch {we also used a large hole punch for decorating}
Yarn and Twine
Laminator and Laminator Sheets

Cut your paper 1 1/2” wide and 6” long for each bookmark.

Then round the corners with a corner cutting punch.

Use a hole punch to add a hole at the top.

Once you’re done with the basic shape you can cut out words or phrases along with other matching shapes to create a fun bookmark. Layout the design and then go back and glue it with a glue stick.

Now it’s time to laminate it! Usually run it through the machine twice just to make sure it’s perfect.

Then cut around each bookmark and punch the hole at the top again.

If you want to add any puffy stickers…now is the time. {It’s better to add them after you laminate.}

Run a few strands of yarn or twine through the top hole and tie them together close to the bookmark.

Now you have a custom handmade bookmark! What a fun project!

via tatertotsandjello