If you are a reader, you probably have shelves and shelves of books. Books you’ve read, books you want to read, and books you may never read. If you have some books you’re ready to let go of, but you don’t want to throw or give them away, here is a unique way to show off your love of reading…

1. Select a book from your personal library.

2. Tear out the pages and add one to your printer upside down.
3. Select a free graphic from the internet.
4. Print your graphic onto your book page.

5. Attach your book page to a fiberboard coaster.
6. Trim.

7. Seal with a water based sealer for a more finished look.

8. When dry, attach a business card size magnet to the back.

These make great conversational pieces! Use to show off pictures of your children’s homework or to secure a Honey Do List to your refrigerator.

via hometalk