The wooden pallets are very convenient because you already have a form, and you can turn it into a bed frame, wooden table or a wall shelf without great changes. They give the room a rustic look and can be easily combined with a stone wall. Whether in the living room or in the garden – the wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and metal.

1. Cozy seat and bed

2. Wooden wall decoration

3. Wooden bed frame – connect 6 wooden pallets for the frame

4. Nightstand in the bedroom

5. Kitchen backsplash idea

6. Wall decoration – wooden pallets

7. Living room with wooden wall accent

8. Selfmade bed in vintage style

9. Wooden desk pallets – office equipment

10. Wall decoration – painted pallets

11. Wooden picture frames

12. Rustic planter as wall decoration

13. Swing and daybed from wooden pallets

14. Wooden table

15. Coffee table with rustic design

16. Homemade jewelry display stand made of wood

17. Cozy garden playhouse

18. Garden table and plant holder

19. Bed headboard – fresh addition in the kids room

20. Wooden garden house

21. Garden Furniture – homemade romantic lighting

22. Dining table and benches wooden pallets

23. Dining table made ​​of colorful wooden pallets

24. Flower boxes made ​​of wood

25. Hanging planters idea

26. Bathroom table idea

27. Hallway furniture – shoe racks from wooden pallets

28. Bed table made of wooden pallets

29. Baby rocking cradle

30. DIY Bed Headboard

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