Bathrooms are usually the place where every person wants to relax, clear their head and wash away their troubles after a long day at work or school. It’s safe to say that this particular room is probably one of the most important places in your house, and as such it must be well-organized. And if you are currently living in a city, chances are that your bathroom is so small, you are literally tripping over everything. So we present to you 15 useful and clever DIY storage ideas that will help you organize your bathroom and make it look not only spacious, but also a fun place to be. Just remember, everything you need to make this happen is a bit of creativity and a few hours of your precious time.

1. Hanging Baskets

2. Space Saving Over Toilet Storage 

3. Above-the-Door Shelf

4. Colorfully Painted Wooden Crates for Extra Towels

5. Wine Barrel Bathroom Storage

6. Hanging Baskets Storage

7. Magnetic Toothbrush Holder

8. DIY Mason Storage

9. Copper Pipe Towel Rail

10. Extra Roll Storage

11. Spice Rack

12. Stick on Pods

13. Repurposed Plates

14. A Ladder for Multi-Level Storage

15. Shower Curtain with Pockets

16. An Organized Bathroom Cabinet

17. Use a Wine Rack as a Towel Organizer

18. Floor Cabinet

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