Although summer is gone, there are still a few warm days left for us to spend time outdoors, while enjoying our first morning coffee mixed with the fresh scent of air. And why not spend the warm evenings along with your family and friends, while entertaining comfortably? If you are wondering what to do with so much empty space in your backyard, then we have the perfect outside seating ideas you can actually make by yourself, using some recycled items. So, what do you need for this to work? A bit of your creativity, of course, a little extra time, a thorough search of the remote corners of your garage or attic and a few extra hands to help you finish this fun project.

1. Recycled Pallet Lounge 

2. An excellent way to cover up exposed roots in the yard

3. DIY Swing Seating

4. DIY Hanging Lounge Chair

5. Chairs from tires, perfect for an outdoor play area

6. Transform old tires into modern outside chairs

7. Cool Portable Milk Crate Stools

8. Pallet Daybed 

9. Cinderblock bench

10. Tropical Pallet Outside Seating 

11. Inspiring Pallet Sofa Project

12. Cozy Pallet Bench

13. Wine Barrel Chairs

14. DIY Outdoor Theater Seats

15. Firewood transformed into great chairs

16. Straw Seating for Fall Party

17. A Bench Made With Plastic Bins and Bamboo

18. Cozy DIY Bench

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