What’s nicer than getting a gift from a friend for no reason at all – it’s not your birthday or Christmas, your friend just wanted to give you a gift. The only thing nicer than that, is if that gift was handmade just for you by your friend. A DIY gift is always more special than a purchased gift. It shows that not only were they thinking of you, but they took the time to make this wonderful gift for you. These 11 best anytime gifts are perfect for those times you just want to make something special for someone you care about.

DIY Secret Stash Book   

Gifts in a Jar 

Quick Bread in a Bottle

Japanese Printed Bowls   

Sugar Scrub Cubes

Chocolate Sprinkle Party Spoons    

DIY Stamp Necklaces

DIY Stamped Clay Bowls  

Personalized Polka Dot Mug

Grown Up Hot Chocolate

A Gift in a Tin

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