Our kiddos actually couldn’t care less if their playhouses are made of blankets, cardboard or twigs. They just want a hideout to decorate, play in and, yes, eventually destroy. Whether you’re looking for something to tuck in the corner of your living room or you want to build the coolest outdoor fort ever, these DIY playhouses will keep those little imaginations entertained for hours.

1. Collapsible House: Make this darling house out of cardboard or foam board. The white foam board is especially appealing because you can decorate it anyway you (or the kids) want. Obviously a foam house won’t last forever, but the pattern is simple enough that you can use it again to make the house out of something more durable like masonite or even wood.

2. Cardboard Camper: Live out your daydreams of packing up and road tripping the country in an airstream trailer with this hipster DIY playhouse. Because who says a road trip has to leave the living room?

3. Rocket Ship: If play “house” is too mainstream for your uber cool kiddos, build them a cardboard rocket ship instead.

4. Army Tent: For something more durable than a cardboard box or blanket teepee, make them this “army strong” tent for just $20.

5. Boho Teepee: Isn’t it great when you can bring kids’ toys into the living room without making it look too much like a playroom? This teepee definitely brings a charming boho feel, especially if you choose to use branches as the frame instead of poles.

6. Blanket Fort: Who said a living room playhouse had to just be kid-sized? Spend some quality bonding time with your little ones (or your friends) under this super cool blanket fort.

7. Three Pallet Playhouse: Lose the plastic playhouse eyesore and make a classy wooden fort that kids and adults alike will enjoy lounging in.

8. No-Sew Teepee: How fabulous are all those colors and patterns? And that big pile of soft, furry IKEA rugs definitely brings the whole space together, don’t you think?

9. Reading Nook: You can actually repurpose a quilting hoop into a cozy canopy fort. Just use fishing wire to hang it from the ceiling and fill the fort with lots of pillows and blankets and you’re good to go.

10. Cardboard Playhouse: Obviously everyone needs the option to decorate their own hideaway, so build an adorable little house for every member of the family. Let everyone pick out their own wrapping paper to customize their houses.

11. Outdoor Reading Nook: You’ll only need a little bit of time with wood and power tools (eek!). The rest of this picture-perfect outdoor space is made with a canvas tent that can be rolled up or down, depending on how much privacy the kids think they need.

12. Tea Towel Fort: For an easy-peasy fort, just pull out some tea towels, string and a few clothespins. The best part is that this fort can make its way to the park, your neighbor’s BBQ or even your next camping trip.

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