This project is so easy. Something just does not seem right when you can create something beautiful and handmade in seconds. Unless you want to spend countless hours knitting, crocheting, and painting, this project will give you immediate satisfaction…and could even be whipped up as a gorgeous last minute gift.


  • Some mugs
  • Some nail polish in pretty hues
  • A Tupperware you do not care a fig for
  • Water
  • Some toothpicks


Fill your Tupperware (that you are happy to sacrifice) with regular old tap water.

Pick out what colored nail polishes that you want to play with first. Then, simply drop a few drops into the water and watch them float back up to the surface.

Here you can play with the toothpick and swirl the colors if you want…or just let the water do the work.

Now simply give your cup a gentle dunk. The nail polish will immediately cling to the mug in a cool, organic design.

Playing with color is so much fun!!

Just turn them upside down to dry and cure for about an hour. When all said and done, the cups are even top shelf dishwasher survivors!!

The result is definitely worth cheering over!

Hope this project becomes a handy, in-your-back-pocket type of trick for you! We can imagine hostess gifts, teacher’s gifts, wedding gifts, or just for yourselves gifts!!

via   hometalk