If you like simple DIY projects to update your home, try upcycling old dresser drawers using these innovative and practical ideas. Whether for decorating, storage, or even gardening, here are some creative and inexpensive ways to repurpose old dresser drawers and add a fresh feel to your home. 

Need a bookshelf in your bedroom, but want to save space? Get creative by gathering a combination of drawers from old bureaus and turning them into a headboard with shelves.

Potted plants can be easily switched out of these brightly painted drawers to suit your mood.

These fun organizers are more than great trinket holders in your craft room. They make original wall art, too.

A vintage look of old collectibles adds a bit of Victorian elegance to your decor.

Need a simple bookcase in your den? Just tip an old drawer on it’s end. It’s that simple!

Your favorite pet deserves something special, too. Besides this being fun to look at, keeping Fido’s bed off the ground protects against ground temperatures.

These drawer fronts mounted to the wall are so fun! Unique knobs and side designs add interest, personality, and a change-of-pace to what would usually be ordinary clothes hooks.

This is the way to organized! Bright colors enhance and cheer a typical dreary mud room.

Easy to assemble. Just stack these drawers to make a preferred configuration of bookshelves for your favorite display items. When you get tired of this look, it’s easy to change.

Perfect for a child’s room, partial drawers can be painted, hung and ready for a book collection. Have fun choosing the decorative handles.

An innovative use for narrow old-fashioned drawers results in a unique utensil holder for the dining room buffet.

A kitchen wrap holder was built out of an old drawer and several wooden dowels. Choose your favorite home design color to add a bright spot to the kitchen.

This drawer planter is great for holding a handy herb garden, planted in the perfect potting soil.

Hard to believe that this ottoman was crafted from an old dresser drawer, a cushion, and four furniture legs. Providing a spot of interest to an eclectic decor, this can be a fun conversation piece.

A colorful doll house can provide hours of imaginative play time for children.

All it takes is one drawer to produce a distinctive bulletin board, which can easily add artistic flavor and function to your home office.

When you have children visit, this book-drawer is not only fun and functional, it is also mobile for quick access to favorite bedtime stories.

This is amazing! There are countless ways to create something unique by simply upcycling an old dresser drawer. With all of these concepts, it is easy add a new look to any room!

 via  features.faithtap