Do you ever go into a restaurant and find yourself wanting to change up the white tablecloths? Do you have plain linens lying around your house and have no idea what to do with them? When you see a white napkin in the store do you think of all the fun DIYs you could do with it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep reading!

1. Watercolor Linens: Watercolor linens. Need we say more? This is a fun way to create art for your table. With only a few materials necessary, you’ll want to watercolor everything in sight. And don’t worry about spilling anything on these beauties; you can just throw them in the wash (they won’t wash out with our watercolor hack)!

2. Rope Table Runner: A tapestry for your table is a fun and easy way to step up your table game. This hack will make it easy to add some color to your table without overdoing it. And it’s such an easy DIY you’ll want to make one for every table in your house.

3. Citrus Stamped Tea Towels: When life gives you lemons, make these super cute citrus-stamped tea towels! And lemonade. Always make lemonade.

4. Yellow Dip-Dyed Tablecloth: Mellow Yellow? More like Hello Yellow! We just love the major pop of color this yellow dip dyed tablecloth has. Brighten up any table (or any room for that matter) with this easy DIY.

5. Hand-Stamped Napkins: We love stamps, so we came up with a kit that makes it easy for you to make your own stamped creations. And it’s on sale, so grab it quick and get stampin’!

6. Gold Polka Dot Burlap Runner: Polka dots and gold are such a fantastic combination to add a little shimmer to your tablescape.

7. Dip Dyed Napkins: Dip dye is everywhere, and it is SO fun. This DIY is a quick way to add some color to your table and your kitchen. The color possibilities are endless.

8. Stamped Napkins: Have we mentioned we love stamps AND patterns? We are basically obsessed. With only a few materials, you’ll be stamping everything in sight.

9. Block Printed Napkins: Cacti are so in right now, and these napkins are such a fun way to incorporate them into your kitchen. Go ahead and wipe your hands on this napkin print.

10. Painted Floral Tablecloth: No more “staying in the lines” with this whimsical floral tablecloth. It’s so pretty you may not want to eat on it.

11. Ombre Table Cloth: From clothes to hair, ombre is always in, and now you can sport the trend in your kitchen with this ombre tablecloth tutorial. It might get a little messy, so go on out and enjoy the sunshine while you are making your beautiful new tablecloth.

12. Neon Tea Towels: Adding little touches of neon to your home is always a good idea. A little bit goes along way on the neon train, and these napkins add just the right amount of razzle-dazzle.

13. Pom Pom Tablecloth: Here at Brit + Co we can’t get enough pom poms in our life, so this tablecloth is right up our alley. Turning a white tablecloth into a pom pom party is simple with this DIY.

14. Geometric Table Runner: OH EM GEOMETRY. Geometry wasn’t your favorite subject in school? No problem; this table runner will have you singing another tune with this beautiful geo-shaped runner. Don’t worry about creating perfect shapes — let the painter’s tape do that for you! Go ahead and peel back that tape and feel the surge of confidence run through you when you glance at your perfect shapes.

15. Confetti Cloth: It’s like a party on your table! But for real, how perfect is this Confetti Tablecloth DIY? You can bust it out for your next shindig or breakfast with the fam, or keep it up all year long.

16. Pink Striped Tablecloth Anthro Hack: You had us at Anthro hack. We love a good Anthro hack (who doesn’t?). This tablecloth is easy-peasy to make and kind on your wallet — it’s a win-win.

17. Indigo Dyed Napkins: Indigo is the bomb. We are so obsessed with it we created a kit to show you exactly how many different ways you can use it!

18. Marker Tie Dyed Napkin: Tie dying with markers is simple and clean, and the results are great. These pinwheels of color add a cool design to any linen you’ve got laying around.

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