We just love the idea of old spoons with words on it and think they would work perfect for seating cards or table numbers for your wedding. And the best part – they are really easy to make!

You’ll need to find spoons that are silver plated – these are much easier to flatten! We found them on ebay, but we’ve also seen them at flea markets + thrift stores. You’ll also need a hammer, a black sharpie and a set of metal alphabet + number stamps.

Next – flatten the spoon! We found the best way was to set the spoon on a brick and flatten it there, but wrap it in a towel so the spoon doesn’t get too scratched. After a few pounds, the spoon will be flat! Next, get your letters out and determine what you are spelling. Start your words in the middle so they stay pretty center. And be sure you place the letters the right direction .

Once you have the letter selected, bang each letter about 10 times – you want to make sure it gets indented enough! After you have the word spelled out, we went over the letters with the black sharpie to make them pop a bit more – don’t worry if you get too much marker on the spoons – you can wash it off with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Put a 4 on each of these so the guest know they are seating at table 4, but you could also do spoons with Table 4 – and have 1 per table (instead of per guest which might be tiring if you have a lot of guests!) And voila! You have a super fun one-of-a-kind seating spoon. We placed them in a wooden box with moss covering the top. We think wooden boxes, vintage tins or even a bunch in a suitcase would be super cute…

via greenweddingshoes