When the last school bell rings and the kids enjoy long hot days home, mom’s creativity must come in. Often in our home we create a “bucket list” of fun with ideas of what we want to accomplish this summer. Pairing this with a calender makes you organized or you might be like me where you just go with the flow and take it take by day. Whatever your style, take a look at some of these creative DIY Summer Fun Ideas for Kids. These ideas are all easy back yard ideas for your family – no need to leave home!

1) Create a Homemade Water Blob or Water Bed

 2) Make your own Constellation Flashlight

3) Get artsy – Make a Squirt Gun Water Painting

4) Make Sand Pudding

5) Get messy! Take a classic board game and have fun with Shaving Cream Twister

6) Create your own game with Backyard Ker Plunk

7) Need a bucket list, make your own 

8) Discover something new with Ice Cavating

9) Capture fairies in a jar with this DIY Glow in the Dark Mason Jar

10) Paint with salt. It’s really fun to see how the paint bleeds into the salt – creative and fascinating!

11) Make your own Sleepover Tents

12) Have a night swim with Glow Sticks in a Pool with this idea

13) Make your own paint with this Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint

14) Make your own Tin Can Lanterns

15) Make your own Ocean Water

16) Make Snake Bubbles or Kiddle Bubble Snake Creatures

17) Make your own Glitter Slime

18) Easy to make Soap Clouds and so fun to play with

19) Paint with bubbles

20) DIY Night Bowling

21) Make Colored Rice  – fun, sensory play for kids. We love playing with our cars and minatures a bucket!

22) DIY Water Slide using a tarpe

23) Make your own Backyard Movie Theater

24) Remember these? Take the kids back to your years off youth and make these DIY Coffee Can Stilts

25) We love our six awesome ways to do water play, make your own Water Bag Pinata

26) DIY Sponge Balls  – this is great for a back yard toss or homemade game. Add some water and soap and get ready to get wet!

27) Make your own Tie Dye Swimsuit Cover

28) Skip the color run and make your own

29) Meet me at the car wash! Make your own Backyard Car Wash for your toy bikes. Maybe it’s a good excuse for skipping a bath night and sudzing the kids up!

30) Who would have though!??! We love this last idea, make your own Glow in the Dark Sand

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