Look at your shoebox, most of us may want to throw away our old moccasins. Don’t hurry to do so. We can make DIY moccasins to give our old moccasins a completely new look. Come on, check the below tutorial to learn how to finish a embellished beaded moccasins.

You need a pair of moccasins, sewing needles, E6000 glue, fishing line, cabochons, wooden beads, seed beads.

At first glue your flat backs, try to fill up as much space as you could, and put them in rows, wait a while to let dry.

Next, trim off a 2 foot long piece of nylon thread, and make a small knot right at the end. Why choose nylon thread? Because it is clear and full of strength so you won’t see the thread. Finish the above steps? Then  slide the other end through your sewing needle, and start sewing on wood beads and seed beads. There is no particular pattern, you can sew according to your own style.

You must find it is hard to sew through this thick material, according to our experience, nose piers helps a lot. So you will find sewing becomes much easier!

Let’s come to the last destination. You must have finished sewing right now, then you need to tie another knot to hold everything in place, and cut off the needless nylon thread.

Congratulations! Your beaded moccasin is perfectly done. You can choose any color beads you like to refashion your old moccasins. This summer, wear them to music festivals, parades, arcades, picnics, carnivals anywhere you want.

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