Playing in the sprinklers is a time-honored tradition. This activity takes it one step further and combines a summer classic with a bit of art. Kids get to decorate the milk jug however they want, and then there’s a some science, too, as the kids figure out how high to hang the jug and how fast the water should flow.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 large nail
  • Clean one-gallon milk jug
  • Craft foam, cut into shapes
  • Glue
  • Rope or string
  • Garden hose

What to Do:

1. Ask an adult to use a large nail to poke holes in the milk jug.
2. Use glue to decorate the jug with shapes cut from craft foam.
3. With an adult’s help, tie the handle of the milk jug to something high, such as a tree branch or swing set.
4. Securely set the garden hose in the mouth of the jug.
5. Turn on the water and have fun!

Extend the fun:
Younger kids: This activity needs a milk jug to work. What does the jug have that makes it good for this activity? Do you think a large yogurt container would work as well? Why or why not? What about a cardboard box?

Older kids: Play with the water pressure. What happens to the milk jug sprinkler if you turn the water low? What happens if you turn it high? What do you think would happen if you covered all the holes? Make a guess, try it out, and then see what happens.

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